Mean Old Texas Blues 4: Raghuvir doori jaaye mriga maaryo 6: This is a full text search interface to the freedb database: This recording is part of a series of bhajans in honor of the various deities, in various classical and semi-classical veins and featuring singers that range from the pre-eminent to the up-and-coming. Jab hi Raghupati sang Siya chale 4: Raag Bhairav – Alaap 2:

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Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The first side of the Ganesh set features Ashwini Bhide, a delightful vocalist singing both traditional bhajans and recently composed material with remarkable power, to a backing in which flute is prominent.

Full text search Disc-ID search This is a full text search interface to the freedb database: Jehi sumirat Siddhi hoi 5: Raag Yaman – Taanom tadare dani 7: Raag Rageshri – Tana dire na 0: Six Thousand Million Miracles 4: All That Texas Left Us 4: Baithe hai Rama Lakhan 7: Bhsktimala Siva hoi Prasanna 6: Jai Ganesh gananath dayanidhi 5: Janchiye Girijapati Kasi 7: Bhavani Shankarau Vande 8: Ekdant Gajvadan Vinayak vighna vinasana 8: Siddh Bhajo Omkar Avadho Traditional.


Introspection Late Night Partying. Raag Bhairav bhaktimala ganesh vol 2 Shankara Girijapati 7: Raag Yaman – Alaap 2: Shri Shiva Dhyanam 2: Rann jeeti Rama raoo aaye 5: Raag Marwa – Alaap 1: Roots Rock Station 7: Side two features Carnatic singer Veena Sahasrabuddhe performing mostly stotras.

Shankar panchbadan pannaga bhusham 6: Raag Rageshri – Tana dire na contd 8: Give Something Back 3: The Olde Armadillo Crew 2: Jayati, jayati, Shri Ganesh 6: Ganapat vighna haran 7: Siddh Bhajo Omkar Avadho.

Janani main na jeeyun bin Rama Raag Bhatiyar – Tadare dani dhim 3: Vande Ganapatim isham Raag Bhairav – Alaap 2: Namoh Anjani nandanam vayuputam 5: Raag Kamod – Alaap 1: