Note that it’s a work in progress, and I’m sure you will find plenty of code that it will fail to decompile. I tried several, and Procyon seemed to work the best for me. A quick search yields: I can’t speak to which one of these is the best, but there are a few java decompilers out there as indicated by this SO question. Remove extra parentheses associated with return statement. The JD-Eclipse protection, checking the current date, was removed. With AndroChef Java Decompiler you can decompile apk, dex, jar and java class-files.

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Because of this reason, Procyon can be used as an alternative where other java versions fail. Added the capability to display XML files.

Top 8 Best Offline Java Decompilers For Developers

Post as a guest Name. Lee Benfield Very well-updated decompiler! What is a good Java decompiler and deobfuscator? Java decompiler is a tool which is designed in such a way that deecompilers is capable of converting. Improved the robustness of indexation against the corrupted classes. Decompilers for java bug on recongnition of the ‘for’ statements.


First of all, there is a fix for Fernflower issue with missing classes here. Fixed bug on recongnition the ternary statements.

CFR – yet another java decompiler.

This makes it robust to minor obfuscation, though it has the drawback of not reconstructing the “original” source, leading to less readable output than a pattern matching decompiler would produce for unobfuscated Java classes. The decompiler displays the source decompilers for java during the debugging process. Your email address will not be published. So this was a short list of some best Java decompilers. Added capability to escape unicode characters.

It would have been a great answer itself, but is admittedly probably a bit too long for SE.

Cavaj has an interactive user-interface which gives you access to all the control features. Works great for Linux, at least!

That also uses jad underneath. CFR Free, no source-code available, http: JAD very fast, but decompilers for java. You will get the actual Java code, but sometimes the code will have been obfuscated so methods are named by one letter or number or a random mix of letters and numbers.

I did have to use the -skip command-line flag so it wouldn’t stop on vor.


Thank you for your interest in this question. No longer under development. Take a look at decompilers for java.

Worked for a simple POJO. Until recently, you needed to use a Java decompiler and all of them were either unstable, obsolete, unfinished, or in the best case all of the above. JD-IntelliJ is a plug-in for To see Java source code check some decompiler. It allows you to display all the Java sources during your debugging process, even if you do not hava them all.

decompiler – How do I “decompile” Java class files? – Stack Overflow

AndroChef supports Java language features like generics, enums and annotations. Pavel Kouznetsov, is JDK 1. Apart from renaming the variables manually, I don’t see any way to actually deobfuscate some code. JD Project is nice and is platform independent it itself is a jar.