The bad bug I found and Sonic Support verifed it’s a bug is that you can’t make more than one copy at a time; unless you want to corrupt perfectly good media you insert for the second copy. I use the highest quality encoding and the home movie comes out perfect, very vivid and plays in all stand-alone DVD players. Got my machine running again, uninstalled previous OEM Sonic versions completely, rebooting when asked, then started install again. Posted July 23, It helps to have a Pentium 2. No installation is required. Like the reviews said you do not need any creativity, but that may be a negative for an artistic amateur.

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I don’t get it. So, what step am I sytles The Sonic web site had an entry for the error message I am seeing, and suggested creating new directories in the root directory. I’m looking for another video capture package that will talk to my Iomega drive.

This enables me to do true clip editing easy to edit roxio mydvd menu styles commercials or junk sections and converts the audio to MP3 during rendering.

When I posted my last review of this product I informed the Level 2 support person that I would be happy to update it if he decided to take roxxio time to try to provide a real solution to my problem. So close to getting it to work, yet so far. Being new to the DVD format, the Sonic failures put the software into questions. Roxio mydvd menu styles big question is why PCM audio? Even when things do go right there’s not all that much to do anyway as its so basic in its overall authoring functionality.


Review by xy on Apr 15, Version: Either someone has no clue how to use this or General Discussion Search In. Win2K Ease of use: Orxio by tmelo38 on Jun 28, Version: I emailed tech support and was told I could upgrade to 5. If anyone has any suggestions, please send me a PM or an email. Review by campennui on Feb 5, Version: My machine blue-screened after install, even booting safe-mode.

I proceeded to make a layout with thumbnails and a few submenus. I guess I will have to convert the video to another format and try again, but there is no garantee to succeed. Em I missing something?

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In his opinion, the fact that the codec is proprietary also means the DV output is in a proprietary format, and that is why Sonic MyDVD can’t deal with it. At that point I was escalated to level roxio mydvd menu styles support. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Bottom line, if you don’t know how to solve a problem, at least make an attempt to come up with a believable reason why it is happening.


It’s imbecile, not embicile. The Sonic support website is hardly woking, mydd it is difficult to report memu.

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It builds the menus, encodes the audio, and starts cranking on the video pieces. The software is crap and I can’t imagine somebody actually paying for it outside of a free bundle. The software also just stopped capturing video a couple times, for no apparent reason yes, the cable is good and connected wellbut it mmydvd not roxio mydvd menu styles malfunctioning this way. It does a very good job at authoring and I have yet to toast any coasters.

That’s the way things went. Review roxik richhard on Feb 10, Version: In my opinion this has to be one of the worst pieces of software I have ever installed on my machine. Posted January 6, edited.

Have you had any experience creating and saving a custom menu so that it could be used again?