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Once there it killed all the crew and then began consuming the sub’s metals and replicating itself. However, this can only solve problems for a few moments; the Replicators reassemble with a vengeance and come again. Privacy policy About StargateWiki Disclaimers. After the Replicators left, Reese went into a deep depression and deactivated herself. The degree of time dilation was not enough, however, and the Asgard knew they had bought themselves less than two years before the HFRs would reach and deactivate the field.

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The most common was originally the “spider” Replicator, with four legs and wing-like flippers on its dorsal side.

Thor guessed the HFRs were replicatot for the new Asgard homeworld, Orilla, because neutronium was plentiful there, and the element is required for creation of HFRs. Replicators are able to use a ship’s power to help in the replication process; thus they seek out energy sources. Replicator Carter kills Daniel.

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Fifth returns in the season 8 episode ” New Order “, in which the Asgard have collapsed Halla’s sun to destroy the Replicators once and for all. O’Neill and the others were not able to hide their knowledge or memories from this assault, and in fact bad memories were used as punishment if they resisted. Energy weapons were ineffective on them, but SG-1’s machine guns and explosives damaged or blasted them apart. Over a sub-space communication network, the computing powers of the individuals are used together to create and transmit new instructions for all Replicators, advancing their mission.


These beings are called Asurans and may be related to the Replicators by a common Ancient creator.

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They pursued Thor’s ship, infested it, then stole Carter from it before entering hyperspace in the ship they had created. Asgard time dilation device.

Thor was able to create a planet-wide version of the weapon that would destroy all Replicators on Orilla. Each block has advanced computing technology, although a single block by itself is inert. Thousands of years later the Replicators were reborn in the Milky Way Galaxy, when an android girl named Reese presumably herself invented by an Ancient scientist created more simplistic, spider-like “bugs” as toys to do her bidding “Menace”.

And with the Replicators having been destroyed, many unoccupied vessels previously occupied by Goa’uld forces but now abandoned soon fell into the domains of groups such as the Free Jaffa Nation and also the Lucian Alliance. The Replicators entered our galaxy and attacked the Goa’uld empire, crippling it.

It connected to all Stargates in our galaxy and fired, killing all Replicators everywhere in the Milky Way, including Replicator Carter. Atlantis Home page Transcripts Aliens. Multiple blocks are required for replication, [2] and the process requires a large amount of energy.

The Ark of Truththe Replicators form replicatoe skeletal structure that implants into Marrick’s body, to gain access to his mind. In ” Enemies “, many Replicator bugs assemble into a dtargate structure to enhance the hyperdrive of a Goa’uld mothership.

At the end of “Unnatural Selection”, all the human-form Replicators are trapped on Halla after SG-1 activates the time-dilation device. Each block is like its own etargate computer, capable of communicating with the other blocks. Daniel’s spirit was rescued by Oma just as Replicator Carter’s ship was destroyed.


Each Replicator block contains two million “isolated keron pathways”. In contrast to the original Carter, Replicator Carter was something of a ruthless being who lived only to kill those who stood in her way and to also cause endless destruction.


She had already gotten what she needed from Daniel: Each mechanical Replicator is made of “blocks” held together by a keron-based energy field. But Carter convinced Thor that since the tactic would be new to the Replicators, they should try it.

When Replicator Carter tried to break the link to Replicatir mind, he held her inside it, calling it “Danny’s World. This Mortal Coil – A mysterious drone crashes into Atlantis, indicating that the Replicators may have found the city. She immediately stabbed him through the chest, dealing him a mortal wound.

Progeny – John Sheppard’s team meets the Asurans, an advanced race in the Pegasus Galaxy, only to discover that they are the original Replicators, created by the Ancients. And with Fifth dead, Replicator Carter took replicqtor the vacant position, gaining full leadership of the entire Replicator race.

Fifth is confronted by the other Replicators, and discovers SG-1’s deception moments before the device activates. In spite of the massive explosion and entry heat, a single Replicators survived far out in the Pacific.

This “Replicator Carter” proved a formidable foe indeed.