While Ukyo seems to have a better defense Shampoo appears to have a stronger offense. After absorbing a person’s aura, her body becomes that of an adult, and she can then fire the energy back at her opponent, though she also returns to her actual form. The Guide is also an expert on the local area, being knowledgeable about the Chinese Amazons and their customs. She is actively pursued by Mousse, a childhood friend for whom she generally shows nothing but disdain. The character of Sasuke Sarugakure , the Kuno family ninja , was invented to take most of the parts that Hikaru originally performed. Ukyo’s style of fighting is a legacy style from her father based on their food preparation, and reminiscent of ninja patterns.

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He studied under the founder of the style, Happosai, with Genma, who is a close friend. In human form Taro had a certain disadvantage to Ranma during their first confrontation, but his similar tendency to provoke and fight dirty enabled him to gain an edge during their second fight.

Happosai “Happy, Dirty Old Man, Pervert”

Genma Saotome voice Sarah Strange Despite his becoming a far more dangerous fighter than Shampoo, she almost never affords him any measure of respect, though when she does, Mousse’s clumsiness gets the better of him. He usually warns anyone that comes there that they should not train there or they will happosau under a grave curse but never actually interferes with their decisions.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Perhaps to remind himself of the shame his moniker brings, he wears a pair of pantyhose around his waist like a belt.

Near the end of the manga series, Nodoka finally discovered Ranma and Genma’s dual identities and curses. Though she is not above hurting Ranma either, she usually does it justifiably but not measuring her own strength.


S.O.S.! The Wrath of Happosai

He toughens even to the point that great happpsai, such as being buried in a rockslide, or being repeatedly struck with large boulders, cause no visible damage. Retrieved from ” https: By the end of the manga series Ryoga spends his time wandering through the wilderness, attempting to find, and go on innocent dates with, his happoosai girlfriend, while striving to get over his old crush on Akane, and as usual, likely training and amassing new techniques to exceed Ranma — if he can ever find his friend and nemesis.

Ranma climbs the flower and attacks the twins with a reluctant Poduduan, which turns out to be a single-use weapon. He is often helpful to anyone who visits and tries to offer whatever help he can. Archived copy as title link http: Despite these flaws, he retains a moral center throughout the series and has little to no problems helping those in need. Ukyo and Shampoo are shown as more bitter rivals than any of the two towards Akane, and are constantly at each other’s throats.

While somewhat surprised by his coincidental good fortune in encountering the wife of Genma, Ryu immediately takes the opportunity to play along, in order to find the Umisenken scroll, and takes up residence within her house.

I was worried about writing a male main character because of the hundreds and hundreds of male readers, therefore I decided on the character being half man and half woman. More often than not, they would end up humiliated or injured in the process.

His cursed form is a chimera resembling either a stereotypical demon or minotaurwith small crane wings which allow him to fly great distances despite his enormous size, and happoasi eel sticking out of his lower back which works as a second set of eyes for Taro during combat.

Tiger Mountain Press When Soun finds he’s not up to the task, Ranma decides to take on the challenge on his behalf. In spite of this, Ranma is the butt of most of the violence that happens in the story. He generally assumes that most incidents are Ranma’s fault, and he hspposai manifests himself as a ghostly, floating oni head to scare or intimidate Ranma in such a situation.


Shampoo is strong enough to casually walk through reinforced stone walls on a regular basis; in the anime she says she does this because the door takes too long.

List of Ranma ½ characters – Wikipedia

She attacks other people prior to competitions in order to win by default, which she calls “fighting in all fairness before the match. Though he himself claims to be a model martial artist, and makes a point of telling Ranma about the right thing to do, he is not above acting cowardly, stealing a dowry, or only looking out for his own well being.

While in her child form, she generally acts immature, and in her adult form, she acts as an elegant, somewhat vain adult woman, though either form always enjoys sweets, attractions, and video games, eats like a slob, and does not take care of her apartment. Azusa comes into conflict with Akane by apprehending the latter’s pet piglet P-chanand renaming it to “Charlotte”. She always has a katana with her for that purpose. Mousse is generally shown to bear some maliciousness towards everyone except Shampoo ironically this is because of Shampoothough he is actually very polite, friendly and respectful.

Happosai – Pictures –

The twins seize the opportunity to beat up Shampoo through her paralysis. When Akane wants it back, Azusa challenges her to a match to determine the rightful owner. He has the ability to fly, use hqpposai strikes, multiple flexible chi blasts, a sword made from chi, and flying blades of chi, as well as the Amazon Hiryu Shoten Ha technique, which uses the power of an opponent to fuel a tornado.